Alipore Zoo to get its First Dietician

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Kolkata: Heard of dietician for animals? Well, it is turning out to be true at Alipore Zoo in this summer.  Alipore Zoo, the country’s oldest formally stated zoological park, is for the first time availing the services of a dietitian for its animals. The zoo, which has 1400 animals, reptiles and birds as its inhabitants, was till now dependent on veterinary physicians to check the quality and quantity of food provided to them.

“This is an unique initiative. Since January-February this year we have appointed a dietitian. He is presently looking into the diet of the animals,” Alipore Zoo director Kanailal Ghosh said. The dietitian, he said, looks after the quantity, tests the quality, checks the nutrient value of the food given to the animals, besides changing the menu according to the season.

The dietitian’s job, much like one for people, starts early in the morning after the food for the animal starts arriving in the zoo kitchen. The dietitian works in close coordination with the veterinary doctors working in the zoo.”We have been working on this idea for quite some time. Especially in summer, food is an important element in keeping the animals cool and saving then from the hot and humid weather,” he said.