Alipore Zoo Concerns Over Animals Health In Heat


Kolkata: For a safe and comfortable summer, the Alipore Zoo authorities have taken several measures to protect the animals from the unbearable heat wave.

The birds are given a shed to protect them bright sunlight. The authorities have also provided fans inside the sheds of tigers, chimpanzees, lions and the reptiles. Proper food items are provided to the animals to maintain a balanced diet and keep them healthy in this sweltering heat. Juicy fruits like cucumber and watermelon are fed to the monkeys, birds and chimpanzees.

Along with healthy food, 250 to 300 ml lassi is given to the Chimpanzees. Regular baths are provided to the elephants, tigers, chimpanzees, emus, and tortoises to keep their body temperatures normal.

Kangaroos are given special care as they are most affected by hot weather. Water is sprinkled inside the enclosure at regular intervals to keep the temperature low. The door is modified with a grass screen which stores the water that is sprinkled over it, which in turn cools down the temperature.