Alien Object Looks As Cigar Hurtles Towards Earth


Washington: Scientists have seen the first alien object flying through own our solar system. The strange, long, red rock looks like ciger has been wandering between the Milky Way for hundreds of millions years, failing to become attached to any star system. It then flew through our own, letting scientists have a look at the first alien, interstellar object they’ve ever seen.

The unique dark red object, Oumuamua, is shaped like a cigar and is a breathtaking 1,300ft long. Incredibly, it is the first space rock from outside the solar system ever observed by astronomers. A telescope in Hawaii picked up the asteroid on October 19 and they’ve concluded it comes from deep space. This comes as NASA said they fear a space rock could wipe us out by 2036.

Paul Chodas, manager of the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, was baffled by the find. He said: “What a fascinating discovery this is.” Speed was vital with Oumuamua fading rapidly as it headed away from the sun and back out of the solar system, the scientists reported in the journal Nature.