Alien-Like Creature Spotted At Sea


Canberra: When Mark Watkins first spotted the unusual bloated creature he thought it was a hot air balloon.  As he got closer to examine the bulbous alien-like creature, the overpowering stench of the swollen carcass gave away the fact it was a dead humpback whale.

Watkins captured this bizarre image when he was out fishing with his father in Bunbury, Western Australia and The West Australian quoted Watkins as saying, “Its stomach was full of gas so it was all bloated up. When we got closer we realised it had to be a dead whale because of the smell.”

The bloated mass is a result of trapped gases inside the stomach of the dead whale and heat of the sun made the skin stretch to look like veiny swollen mass. It takes nearly 30 years for a carcass to decompose and it also plays a vital ecological role, providing fodder for many other sea creatures.

The 36-year-old fisherman clearly baffled by this strange sight said that he hadn’t see anything like this before.