Alert ! Scrub Typhus Budding Like Moribund Disease


Tamluk: The panic of Scrub Typhus has attacked Panskura of East Midnapore. It immediately engulfed immune power of two children have been admitted in hospital. Doctors are saying that proper treatment and timeliness in recognizing the disease will unfasten the panic and remove the intensity of being attacked by the disease.

The doctors are saying that, the two children have been admitted with high-fever, rash and other symptoms. Children are more prone to get attacked by the virus. Bloodtest after long stretched fever not resulting Malaria, Typhoid or dengue then one must go for Scrub Typhus antibody test. The virus used to make people fluppy, gland used to turn thicker, rash covers entire body.

Reportedly, the virus of Scrub Typhus have been found in fifteen children combining two Midnapore. They are in better condition after treatment. A small insect like bark used to carry the virus of Scrub Typhus. The jumbo size rat, wild cat used to carry the virus in their body. Doctors are recommending to keep the area clean, maintain the hygiene. People have to be more cautious to take measure on this.