Alert From These One-Liners From Cyber Crime


New Delhi: Here are some vital tips to save yourself from Cyber Crime. These one-liners will guide you in saving yourself from the rampant cyber attacks taking place all around us.
Here are the strong one-liners which you should never forget:

1. Control + Alt + Delete….When You Leave Your Seat

2. Be aware… Connect with care.

3. Before leaving the scene, clear your desk and your screen.

4. If something sounds too good to be true… there’s probably a scammer behind it.

5. Leave a clear desk while you’re away and at the end of each day.

6. Give your computer a rest when you’re not at your desk.

7. Phishing: If you suspect deceit, hit delete!

8. Think before you click.

8. See something wrong? Do something right.

9. Care to be aware!

10. Protect personal information. The identity saved could be your own.

11. Don’t let your trash become someone else’s treasure. Feed your shredder often.

12. Passwords: Longer is Stronger.

13. You wouldn’t share your ATM pin, so why would you share your password?

14. If you suspect deceit, hit DELETE.

15. Stop. Think.Connect.