Alert: Kolkata & Other 4 Dist To Get Thundersquall In Few Hours


Kolkata: The latest forecast of Alipore MET office indicates heavy rain in Kolkata on Wednesday evening. The cyclonic circulation in West Bihar and thunder-shell in Hooghly-Nadia is the root-cause behind the alert issued in four districts.

Thunder-squall with rain lashed out in Kolkata including Howrah and other districts since Wednesday morning. The fresh warning of rain included East-Bardhaman, Hooghly, West-Medinipore and South 24 Pargana with gusty wind 60 kmh. The cyclonic-circulation in West-Bihar is highly active so the chance of rain will remain till next two days. But it won’t be long-lasting for long.

সন্ধ্যায় কলকাতাসহ চার জেলায় ঝড় বৃষ্টির সতর্কতা

Kolkata witnessed 7.4 milimeter rain on Wednesday. The mercury level reduced 32.5 degree from 35 degree which is 3 degree less than normal. The minimum temperature was 27.2 degree celcius. The level of respected humidity was 90 percent and minimum 71 percent. Mercury level will not increase on Thursday which will carry maximum temperature 33 degree and minimum temperature 23 degree.