Alan Young Dies Aged 96


Washington: Actor Alan Young, who starred in the classic sitcom Mr. Ed, died peacefully of natural causes at the age of 96, a spokeswoman for the Motion Picture and Television Home said, reports The Guardian.

According to Jaime Larkin, spokeswoman for the retirement community where Mr Young had lived for four years, the actor’s children were with him when he died.

On Mr. Ed, which aired from 1961 till 1966, Mr Young played the role of architect Wilbur Post, who was married to Carol (played by Connie Hines) and kept a horse Mr. Ed, in their suburban stable.

Mr. Ed, voiced by Allan “Rocky” Lane, would speak only to Wilbur.

Mr Young also voiced Scrooge McDuck and numerous other animated characters, as well as guest starring on dozens of TV shows.

Mr Young’s first marriage to Mary Anne Grimes in the 1940s ended in divorce. He married Virginia McCurdy in 1948 but after a period of separation they divorced in 1995. He was married to Mary Chipman from 1996 to 1997. He is survived by four children.