Akshay Kumar Lashes Out Against Bengaluru Mass Molestation


Mumbai: Akshay Kumar released a video on Twitter on Thursday regarding the Bengaluru mass molestation incident that occurred over the new year.

In the video, Akshay is angrier than you’ve ever seen him and rightly so. He starts off by saying that he just came back from a holiday with his family in Capetown, South Africa, but was immediately shocked to see the news of the molestation on TV when he landed in India.

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Akshay Kumar tweeted  ‘The Bangalore incident makes me feel we r evolving backwards,from humans to animals,rather beasts coz even animals are better!Truly shameful’

“Ek dum direct bolu? Dil se bolu? Aaj apne insaan hone par sharam si aa rahi hain,” are the Jolly LLB actor’s opening words in the clip. He then added that any society which cannot respect women doesn’t have a right to call itself a civilized society.

To all those who said that women’s short clothes incite men to molest them, Akshay had a few wise words. “Sabse zyaada sharam ki baat, pata hai kya hai? Kuch log kisi ladki ki harassment ko bhi justify karne ki aukad rakhte hai. Ladki ne chote kapde pehene kyu? Ladki raat ko bahaar gayi kyu? Sharam karo, yaar. Chote kisi ladki ke kapde nahi, choti aapki soch hain,” he said.

Akshay, who is trained in mixed martial arts himself, had further advice to give to women of the country. He said that no woman should feel as though a man can overpower her and that they need to train themselves in martial arts and be alert. “Apni suraksha ke liya puri tarah kaabil ban sakti hai aap. Aisi choti aur asaan techniques hai ladko ko sambhalne martial arts mein. Aapko darna nahi hai. Aap kisi se kam nahi hai. Bas alert raho,” he said.

He also added there was no need for any woman to listen to anyone’s views on how short or long her clothes should be. He ended the video by saying, “Agli baar aapke kapdo pe aapko koi gyaan dene ki koshish kare na, toh use kehna ki apni advice koh apne paas rakhe and mind your own business. Thank you. Jai Hind.” Many Bollywood celebrities have spoken out against the horrific incident, including Aamir Khan, Farhan Akhtar and Varun Dhawan.