Akhilesh Mishra Applauds Indian Navy For Successful Rescue Ops


New Delhi: Indian Ambassador to Maldives Akhilesh Mishra applauded the crew of the Indian Navy Dornier, Indian Navy ALH, INS Kirch and their Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) colleagues for their exemplary coordination and cooperation to ensure the success of a humanitarian operation on Sunday.

It was a vivid display of the traditional spirit of India-Maldives friendship and partnership.

“I feel very proud of the professionalism, unflinching courage and commitment to duty displayed by the Indian Naval officers in undertaking the search and rescue operation in an extremely challenging weather,” Ambassador Mishra said.

On Saturday evening, the Dornier aircraft picked up a vessel floating about 60 nm away from last known position and informed INS Kirch who was about 50 nm away.

The INS Kirch then located the landing craft Maria 3.

The ship’s forward ramp had collapsed due to which it was unable to propel.

The Kirch confirmed that all the crew members are safe and the MNDF has been informed.

A joint boarding party was sent with first light to provide assistance.

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