Akbar Files Defamation Case Against Woman Journalist


New Delhi(IANS): Union Minister M.J. Akbar on Monday filed a criminal defamation
complaint against a journalist, Priya Ramani, who had accused him of sexual

Akbar has been accused of sexual harassment by several women journalists who had
worked with him. He has denied the charges as “false, wild and baseless”.

Akbar’s complaint was filed in the Patiala House court complex.

Akbar has sought Ramani’s prosecution under Section 500 (defamation) of the Indian
Penal Code.

He alleged that Ramani wilfully, deliberately, intentionally and maliciously
defamed him by making a completely false and frivolous statement which has harmed
his goodwill and reputation within the political fraternity, media, friends,
family, colleagues and society at large.

“That the scandalous allegations leveled by the accused against the complainant
(Akbar) herein, by their very tone and tenor, are ex facie defamatory and have not
only damaged the goodwill and reputation of the complainant, in his social circles
and on the political stage, established after years of toil and hard work, but have
also affected the personal reputation of the complainant in the community, friends,
family and colleagues, thereby causing him irreparable loss and tremendous
distress,” said the complaint filed by advocate Sandeep Kapur.