AK47s, INSAS Rifles Among Weapons Snatched From Security Forces


Srinagar: A large number of weapons including AK-47s, self-loading rifles (SLR) and INSAS rifles, were snatched by militants in Jammu and Kashmir in last one year.

As many as 36 SLRs, 58 SLR magazines and 1,000 SLR rounds, besides eight AK47s, 15 of its magazines and 283 rounds were looted from security forces since May 2016, according to an estimate prepared by security agencies.

Also, 39 INSAS rifles, 119 INSAS magazines, 380 INSAS bullet rounds, four carbines, 70 carbine rounds, one .303 rifle and one LMG were snatched by the militants. Home Ministry spokesperson Ashok Prasad said the such incidents have taken place in the state as supply of arms and ammunition from Pakistan has dried up due to increased vigil along the border.

The security agencies have also found that there has been an upswinbg in local youths joining militancy. Prasad attributed this phenomena to the lower incidents of infiltration from across the border. “There is no information that recruitment of local youths has gone up. But the groups are trying to recruit youths since very few militants have been successful in infiltrating into the valley,” he said.

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