AK-47 shoots out IPS Bedi

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New Delhi: Once he said himself to be an anarchist. Others said he was not fit to be the CM of the capital. Another section of people said he was the representative of the common man. But Delhi had something else to offer. The Nation’s capital reinstated faith in the AAM AADMI with more conviction. Arvind Kejriwal or AK-47, (Arvind Kejriwal aged 47) whatever we call him, has shut all his critics and gained the charge of Delhi. Delhi did not underestimate the power of the common man.

Previously, Arvind’s Government existed for just a period of mere forty nine days. But this time AAP is sure to control the reigns of the Capital for a longer period. AAP comes up in the fray with an absolute majority – there is no need of support from other party for AAP. So after getting a clear mandate, Ak-47 has to perform – he has to face this acid test.

On the other hand, undoubtedly it serves as a huge setback for Narendra Modi and his party. Kiran Bedi was no where in the picture as the Capital unanimously supported Aam Aadmi Party and its candidates. The Delhi Election was a perfect portrayal of the fact that when all the oppositions come together, no Government can establish its superiority.

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On winning the seat from his constituency in New Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal said that he would work for the people. Arvind would also be instrumental in ending the VIP culture which is prevalent in the country. His Govt would serve the common people and live up to the expectation of the AAM AADMI. Arvind Kejriwal looked confident in his second coming. He made a point that he has come back in his second innings keeping in mind the longer format of the game.

Written by: Spandan Banerjee