AK 47 becomes yogic ‘AAM AADMI’


New Delhi: Just before a day of the much awaited Delhi Elections, the Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal, who is also the CM candidate for Delhi, was seen practising yoga at his residence. It is now to be seen how yoga keeps AK 47 (Arvind Kejriwal aged 47) tension free ahead of the Delhi polls.

Keeping up with the tag of his party, Aam Aadmi, Kejri started his day indeed like a common man. His morning was seen off by yoga. After completion of his routine exercise, AK 47 headed towards his party bureau. He was seen having a chit chat session with his followers and supporters over there. Kejriwal then headed to a salon to have a hair cut.

He was seen absolutely confident of AAP’s victory in New Delhi. Even some of the pre poll surveys held in Delhi have opined that Kejriwal is going to take up Delhi’s charge on February 10.

According to Kejri’s mother, the physicians have abstained AK-47 from consuming sweets. Hence, Kejriwal’s diet consists of the ordinary staple food of rice and ‘dal’. Arvind is even asked not to drink any cold beverage. But Kejri hardly listens to the ‘don’ts ’ in his life. As a result, he is often rebuked by me, said Kejri’s mother.