Ajinamoto : Good or Bad ?


Monosodium Glutamate(MSG) commonly known as Ajinomoto is one of the main ingredient of many Chinese food items.

Still most of the people don’t know its side effects on our health. Children and pregnant woman are more vulnerable to it.

Just one decade back, we use to love mom made home cooked food. Eating outside was very rare and even not needed. The yummy and healthy Parathas loaded with ghee, all homely food was the only thing you would think about. The fashion of pizza, wafers and maggi has just recently come in vogue. Time has changed. All ready to cook and instant food are readily available everywhere, even at your home.

The worst ingredient present in almost all instant food items is the monosodium glutamate. , also known as Ajinomoto. Ajinamoto is nothing but a Japanese firm named Ajinomoto Corp., which produces the Ajinamoto food enhancer.

Below is the reason as to why is this ingredient so harmful and how does it harm our body.

Ajinomoto Side Effects:

MSG is a slow killer. The health effect that it has, at first, are quite mild. But with the passage of time they become severe. Instead of having innumerable Side effects the product is still very much used in our day to day life.

Below is the list of some Side effects caused by this dangerous ingredient.

  • Headache: This is a very common side effect of MSG. You normally get it. But due to continuous intake of MSG this mild headache can take form of migraine. This migraine can be very severe.
  • Overstimulates the nerves: MSG stimulates the nerves and misbalances the neurotransmitters. This leads to an unhealthy body.
  • Heart effects: Excess intake doesn’t even leave heart unaffected. It leads to irregular heartbeats, cardiac muscles arrest and Chest pains.
  • Burning sensation in the facial region is quite common due to regular intake of MSG.
  • Pregnant women have to be very cautious regarding this ingredient. It causes sterility in pregnant women .During pregnancy Ajinomoto should be avoided because of its side effects.
  • Even small kids should completely avoid consumption of MSG.
  • MSG can be a reason for problems like blood pressure, thyroid issues, diabetes, asthma, food allergies and also obesity.
  • Excess sweating is also a very common side effect of MSG.
  • Nausea and weakness can also be felt after consumption of MSG.
  • It can also damage the retina of the eyes.
  • This ingredient can also be a reason for causing cancer.