Aitri Dey’s Parents Knocks Mamata Banerjee’s Door


Kolkata: The parent’s of Aitri Dey has knocked the door of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday morning for proper punishment and justice. The parent’s seeking for a proper justice will reach the Health Commission for further investigation.

Jayanta Dey,father of the dead child told, neglegency of the doctor and nurse and use of wrong injection took the life of a two and a half year child, Aitri.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee assured a neutral investigation and proper justice to the family. The two year old girl Aitri Dey succumbed to death on Wednesday morning in a posh south Kolkata hospital AMRI Mukundapur, where she was admitted on January 15. She was given antibiotics and was scheduled to get discharged on wednesday morning. She was admitted in the hospital with fever and respiratory distress.

“The baby’s mother Shampa Dey was with her in the hospital. In the morning, the child was sleeping when some injection was administered on her. After sometime, her pulse rate in the machine showed no movement. She was rushed to the emergency for ventilation but she died,” the relative said.

“The hospital could not give any explanation to us in this regard. She was admitted with fever and congestion. She was nebulized and she was fine. The hospital had decided to discharge the child today. It is unbelievable that she died due to the negligence of the hospital,” the relative said. Hospital authority has no repentation. Instead of that, authority delivered inhuman gestures.