After Airtel Disaster, SBI Bengali Ad Creates Controversy

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Kolkata: Again goof up in Bengali Ad! This time State Bank of India’s language confused the account holders. An advertisement published in many English and Bengali newspaper is full of erroneous Bengali usage and spelling. So, the question is being raised how a reputed bank like SBI could publish that ad without proper verification? Moreover it is the great irony that the present Chairman of the largest nationalized bank is a Bengali.

এয়ারটেলের পর এবার বাংলা ভাষা নিয়ে ছেলেখেলা স্টেট ব্যাংকের বিজ্ঞাপনে

SBI on Saturday published an ad where they wrote “Bharatiya banking prabandhane agami bada biplab”. By “Prabandhane” they meant the transfer of money. The point is why they used so unconventional Bengali usage, which is beyond the general account seekers perception? Any ad’s main purpose is to attract the customer. SBI Bengali ad is very much difficult for understanding for commoners.

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In that ad they also used another bombastic line. That is “Nichak kalyaner upar shastriya ebong academic pratipattir sonkhsiptosar bornona kora”.  Which they want to mean by that abracadabra?

According to the reports, SBI uses Google translator to write those Bengali words and sentences.  And for that reason such peculiar Bengali ad has been made.

In that very ad another line is proclaiming “Banking shilpe sobcheye bada proshikshon infra hoye”. The line is incomplete at first and if you translate in Google then it looks like ‘The biggest training in the banking industry is infra’. Next line is “swikrita parichalan protisthaner sahajogitay banking o finance-e udvabani o karyakalap vittik goveshana prodan” and its translation in Google is- ‘Research based on this activity based on innovation in banking and finance with the help of recognized management institutions’.  So it’s proved that this goof up made for using Google translator.

Earlier, Airtel published an advertisement as a jacket in the Anandabazar Patrika. That ad was also full of erroneous Bengali construction and spelling. The blunder starts from the very first line with the word “relationship” being translated into “Somparkata” in Bengali and after trampling the language throughout the 14-line text, ends by mentioning “Somparkata” again.

Such blunders from a multinational telecom corportion like Bharti Airtel and that too published in the largest circulated Bengali daily like Anandabazar, had left Bengali readers in total disarray. Newspapers, however, have little say on the contents and designing of ads as long as those are not promoting hatred or illegal products/services.

Reported By- Manab Guha, Suman Batabyal

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee