Air India pilots are losing confidence in cockpits


New Delhi: The Germanwings flight crashed in the Alps Mountains a few days back. The Co-pilot of the flight has been the main accused in the case where it was found that he had deliberately crashed the plane killing all 150 on board.

Now the pilots of Air India have alleged that they are suffering from depression over salary and work pressure related issues. They have alleged that they are being forced to enter the cockpits of the planes in a depressed state. They have even informed about their condition in a letter to the DGCA.

Speaking to the Media, a co-pilot said that they are highly strapped over salary issues and are not being able to sleep properly at night and are not in a mental condition to work. Apart from that, they have also alleged that the instruments of the plane have also become obsolete. And their jobs have become contractual and they are getting one third of their original salaries. The pilots have alleged that they are not even given proper medical leaves.

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