Air India & Jet Airways Flight Pilots Caught Drunk, Suspended

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New Delhi: Two pilots of Air India and Jet Airways have been suspended for four years after they were found drunk after they landed their flights in India.

The government has asked for police complaints against the pilots. Jet Airways has sacked their pilot, who was found drunk after an Abu Dhabi-Chennai flight on August 3. Sources said a cabin crew member of Air India has also been suspended for a year after post flight checks revealed traces of alcohol in his bloodstream.

The Air India pilot was found drunk on August 10, after he landed the Sharjah-Kozhikode flight. This is possibly the first time that pilots have tested positive for alcohol after landing. Usually, pilots are checked before their flights.

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The Press Trust of India quoted sources as saying that both the pilots had tested positive for alcohol earlier too, but always before a flight. Jet Airways said in a statement that the airline has “zero tolerance” towards any action of its crew that violates safety rules and service conditions. “In case of non-compliance, we take disciplinary action after due investigation as per company policy,” said the airline.

Jet Airways also said while other countries have random alcohol testing policy, the regulations of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in India call for 100 per cent screening for the crew before every flight.