Air India to cut salaries of employees responsible of flight delays


New Delhi: Air India has been directed by the government to punish the punish the employees responsible for the flight delays by cutting their salaries after it was found that the employees are responsible for 15 per cent of the delays.

The airline which has nearly 20,000 employees meanwhile said that it is likely to implement restructured pay scales for its staff from the next month.

According to sources, the decision was taken after it was found that 10-15 per cent of the delays were due to the flight and the cabin crew, the catering and the ground staff.

Air India said, “Under the turnaround plan, at least 85 per cent of our flights should be on time. But the trend was worrisome. The civil aviation secretary during a recent visit found that 10-15 per cent delays were occurring on account of crew and ground handling issues. So, the decision to cut salaries of such employees is to bring a discipline and make them accountable.”

According to reports, Air India has cancelled 763 flights and delayed 6,513 flights in the period between June and November last year.