Air Force One To Pay $24 Million For New Refrigerators In Trump’s Jet


Washington: The US Air Force formulates a plan to pay Boeing a gargantuan amount of USD 23,657,671 under a new governmental contract awarded to the latter.

Under the new government contract awarded to the aeronautics behemoth, two of the five chiller units on the plane used by President Donald Trump are set to be replaced with tax payer’s money.

The price that American taxpayers have to pay for an upgrade in Air Force One’s refrigerators will be USD 24 million.

The two refrigerating units were originally installed into the plan in 1990, according to Air Force One.

The decision to upgrade the two cold food storage units was first made public by Defense One, which articulated the reasons for such a costly move besides detailing the needs of the presidential aircraft.

According to the report provided by Defense One, the presidential plane requires enough cold storage space for at least 3,000 meals and stated the White House’s and Air Force’s strict requirements for “bespoke equipment” when it comes to Air Force One.

The $24 million price tag will also cover the cost of testing and certification by the Federal Aviation Administration, according to the contract.

“It’s not a contractor issue; it is a requirements issue,” Richard Aboulafia, a vice president at the Teal Group consulting firm, told the defence and national security news site, according to source. “It’s not getting people rich.”

However, Eric Schultz, a former senior adviser to Barack Obama, lashed out at the widely disparate reaction the Obama administration would have received in a similar situation.

Schultz reacted to the news by tweeting that “we would have been impeached” if they had carried out such an upgrade to Air Force One during the previous administration.

According to source, the American Air Force One has two galleys with a capacity of up to 100 meals being prepared at a time.

A slideshow supplemented the report, which captured a series of “legendary” dishes that have been served on board, from beef tenderloin and lasagna to kebabs and tiramisu.

It remains to be seen whether Air Force One even considered less expensive alternatives to replacing the two refrigerating units in question, or whether the replacement will detain the flight from flying for an extended period of time.