Ailing Sudip Hopes To Bounce Back In Politics Soon


Kolkata: TMC MP Sudip Bandopadhyay, who is out on  bail in connection with the Rose Valley case, hopes to rejoin politics soon after he recovers.

The ailing leader, who was admitted to the Jharpada correctional home hospital in Bhubaneswar days after he was sent to judicial custody, said on Sunday that a single incident would not tarnish his four decade long political career.

Bandyopadhyay told reporters inside a private nursing home in Bhubaneswar: “I am the leader of the party in Parliament and a lot of responsibilities are on my shoulders. It might take some time as I need to be under medical supervision.”

Immediately after Bandyopadhyay was granted bail by Orissa high court on Friday, chief minister Mamata Banerjee had raised concerns about his health and suggested he take rest for sometime.

“I will not call it a day. I will join the party immediately after my health condition improves,” a frail Bandyopadhyay said on Sunday.

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Earlier, his wife Nayana said his pulse rate had become erratic along with unstable blood pressure. The 64-year-old leader, who had been with Trinamool since its inception, said: “I have been elected for eight terms and have never been charged for corruption. Yet, I was framed.” He did not comment on CBI’s decision to move the Supreme Court.

“I respect the judiciary. CBI is a respectable organization and I have no grudge against them,” he said.

After he was interrogated at the Jharpada hospital on January 24, the agency had decided to make him sit face to face with Rose Valley boss Gautam Kundu. Bandyopadhyay’s lawyers had earlier argued that CBI’s chargesheet mentions furthering investigation in respect of other accused persons. “It means they do not require his custodial interrogation any more,” one of his lawyers said.

After his legal papers were produced at the Khurda court on Saturday, Bandyopadhyay was released late in the evening. Accompanied by Nayana, he was taken out of Apollo Hospital in an ambulance a little after 4pm.

A police car escorted it till the airport and the TMC leader took a flight back to Kolkata. At the NSCBI airport, he was brought out at 6.45pm amid tight security and taken to Apollo Hospital in a critical care ambulance.