Ahmed Calls Mamata Amidst Somen Calling Off Alliance With TMC


Special Report, Kolkata: When on Tuesday, Pradesh Congress leadership was thinking of not going into an alliance with the TMC party, just at that time, senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel was speaking to TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee over the phone. According to sources, Patel personally invited Banerjee to the anti-BJP meeting scheduled on November 22 for the formation of a federal front.

To strengthen the party, the Pradesh Congress called a meeting on Tuesday with the districts of North Bengal. Apart from Pradesh president Somen Mitra, WB AICEC’s observer Gourav Gagoi was also there. He asked for opinions of every representative of the North Bengal districts. According to sources, almost everyone expressed displeasure in going in an alliance with TMC. Later, Somen Mitra also agreed. He said that by working with TMC, the Congress party only incurred loses. Hence, no one wants to join hands with them.

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The meeting was attended by political heavy-weights such as Mousam Benzir Noor, Abu Hasem Khan Chowdhury, Shankar Malakar, Abdul Mannan, Pradip Bhattacharya, Dipa Dasmunshi and others. Questions are arising that if state Congress refuses an alliance with TMC, then how is the Centre doing the opposite?

According to political analysts, no one can deny that Mamata Banerjee is an important factor in the anti-Modi campaign. Telegu Desam Party head Chandrababu Naidu also believes the same thing and hence he will come to the city to invite Mamata to the meeting on November 22. Congress also wants to welcome Mamata in the grand-alliance stage. If the results are good in the Lok Sabha polls, then the UPA-3 is possible with the support of the regional parties.

Questions are arising that if Congress-TMC forms alliance after polls, then will the fight as opponents now? A Pradesh Congress leader said that Delhi takes any step after thinking. It is not easy to understand them. Who said that it will be 2+2=4? It can also be 3+1=4.

Does it mean that there will be a separate ‘setting’ between Sonia Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee? Pradesh Congress leaders are telling that an answer can be attained after December 12 because on that day the results of the Vidhan Sabha polls of 5 states will be declared. Maybe after that the ‘gameplan’ will be made.

On the other hand, Pradesh Congress president Somen Mitra has welcomed the move to join hands with CPM. Will that be possible?