Ahead Of Polls, 10 More CBI Officers To Come To Bengal


Kolkata: Another twist in the chit-fund scam. 10 more experienced CBI officials are coming to the state. The team will be under the leadership of a CBI official of SP post. Apart from him, there are two assistant police super (ASP). Two CBI officials of DSP post are also there.

As per sources, they will come to Kolkata on Friday to investigate all scams in Bengal such as the chit fund scam, Sarada scam, Rose Valley scam and others. They will stay till March.

According to political analysts, the Lok Sabha elections are approaching. Ahead of it, the CBI wants to speed up the investigation process of chit fund scam. It this the game-plan of Modi government against the TMC-led government in Bengal? However, the CBI said that there is no relation between the investigation and the elections.