Agamonir Abagahan Ready To Woo Cine-lovers In Kolkata


Kolkata: Many directors are now making short films to show something new to the cine-lovers. Bengali industry also started to make short films to woo the spectators. ‘Agomonir Abagahan’ directed by Abhijit Roy, is also a short film exploring unexplored world of a ‘Majhi’.

The new short-film “Agamonir Abagahan”, which is now already awarded at many film festival in aboard. Recently the film won Best Director and Best Editor at Punjab’s Rice Film Festival. This movie has been named official selection in UK Lift of Film Festival.

The film has also been named official selection at First Time Film Maker Session 2019 in Best Picture category. Now, it’s time to woo the Kolkatans. Yes, after winning a lot of praises in the outskirts of the city, this movie also got the best film award in BISFF in Kolkata.

The film is about a sailor’s life. As the motion of the film goes on, the different ways of sailor’s life in the film are seen. Sailor Sujon is witnessing a village life. Sujon’s daughter, Uma is only the source of his living. But will Uma’s life turnaround, or will the story give another twist?

Director cum Actor Abhijit Roy played the role of Sujon Majhi in the film. Himika Patra is seen as Uma in the movie. Theater artist Gulsanar will be seen as a opposite character of Sujon Majhi. Besides, Surojit Maity and Priyanka Samaddar are also in the film.