After Paris Bloodbath, ISIS Threatens Bangladesh

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Cairo: Boasting of the barbaric Paris attack, dreaded Islamic terror outfit ISIS has now threatened to launch a similar attack on Bangladesh.

Praising the Paris attackers as ‘brave knights’ in its propaganda online magazine, the group has boasted of bringing ‘Paris on its knee’ and said that it is preparing for a similar attack in Bangladesh.

The new issue of ISIS’ English-language online magazine Dabiq, in its foreword, talks about the horrific attacks in France in which explosions and shooting at separate entertainment sites in Paris claimed over 120 lives.

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“France haughtily began executing airstrikes against the Khilafah (Caliphate). Like Russia, it was blinded by hubris (arrogance), thinking that its geographical distance from thelands of the Khilafah would protect it,” the magazine says. “Thus, the Islamic State dispatched its brave knights to wage war in the homelands of the wicked crusaders, leaving Paris and its residents ‘shocked and awed’.

The eight knights brought Paris down on its knees,” the foreword says. The terror group, known for its brutality, boasts that, “a nationwide state of emergency was declared as a result of the actions of eight men armed only with assault rifles and explosive belts.”

The terror group’s strategic expansion to countries like Bangladesh is also talked about at length in the magazine and interestingly an entire article has been dedicated to its activities in Bangladesh or “Bengal” as it refers to the country.

“A security cell belonging to the soldiers of the Khilafah in Bengal assassinated an Italian ‘crusader’ named Cesare Tavella on the streets of Gulshan in the city of Dhaka…only days later another security cell targeted a Japanese citizen in the northern region of Rangpur,” the magazine says reiterating the ISIS’ claim of carrying out the attacks.

“These back-to-back attacks have caused havoc among the citizens of the crusader nations and their allies living in Bengal and forced their diplomats, tourists, and expats to limit their movements and live in a constant state of fear,” it boasts.

The article titled ‘The Revival of Jihad in Bengal’ claims that while the ISIS is busy preparing for further attacks, the “secular” government of the Awami League continues to “twist the facts” on the ground and play a blame game.

It concludes by stating that the soldiers of the so-called Caliphate continue to rise and expand in “Bengal” and will continue to terrorise. In the magazine, the ISIS has also put out snaps of what it claims to be the bomb that downed a Russian jet last month, killing over 220 people. The photograph shows a soft drink can and two components that appear to be a detonator and a switch. In the magazine, the ISIS slams Russia’s joining of the war against it as a “rash decision of arrogance”