After Mamata, Former Minister To Start Dharna At Metro Channel


Kolkata: After WB CM Mamata Banerjee, A former minister of Left Regime will begin his Dharna at Metro Channel against Mamata Banerjee to break Didi’s record.

Siliguri mayor and legislator Ashok Bhattacharya said on Wednesday that he will sit in Dharna at the Metro channel in Dharmtalala with the permission of the state administration. Ashok wants to sit in Dharna at any cost if he does not get permission. In fact, Ashok Babu was the Minister of Public and Urban Development in the left regime. Ashok babu said that in which the state government has kept the arrears of Siliguri Municipality is unconstitutional. We will have to sit down to claim the demand.

There is no rule to sit in at the metro channel. One has to get permission to sit in. According to Ashok babu, Chief Minister Mamata did not bother about all this. The administration has not been able to stop Chief Minister. But he is talking about the federal structure or the federal infrastructure, not only the state and the center but also the local administration. Chief Minister gave a brief overview to save the federal infrastructure. But unconstitutionally, his government has kept the rights of the whole board managed by the left.