After ‘Maggi’ row, Larvae in Nestle milk


Coimbatore: After Nestle found itself bogged in ‘Maggi’ row, trouble seems to be mounting for the company as a live Larvae was found in Nestlé’s milk powder for the toddlers. K Prem Ananth, a taxi driver from Puliakulam, Coimbatore, had purchased a 380 gm Nestle NAN PRO 3 carton, a milk powder for toddlers.

Prem Ananth had already fed one of his 18-month-old children with the baby formula and was mixing a separate batch for the other twin when he stumbled upon live larvae in the milk powder Two days later, the infant, who was fed the milk powder, allegedly developed skin allergy, and was admitted in a private paediatric care centre at Race Course here.

Following this, Prem Ananth registered a voice complaint with the Nestle customer support. The company then sent local area manager G Krishnaperumal to investigate the matter. Krishnaperumal offered to replace the product, which Prem Ananth refused. The representative then promised to test the powder at the company’s certified laboratory. Prem Ananth rejected this as well as he was not convinced that Nestle would conduct an impartial probe into the issue.

Meanwhile, a report from analysts at the Food Analysis Laboratory, Coimbatore, confirmed that the 380 gm sample contained 28 live larvae and 22 Sitophilus oryzae (rice weevils). On April 29, Prem approached the Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department (Food Safety Wing) in Coimbatore, and gave the samples for testing.