Security Beefed Up In Kolkata Airport Following Istanbul Attack


Kolkata: In the wake of today’s terror attack in Istanbul, the security system at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose terminal in Kolkata has been augmented.

The airport is spread in an area of 20 square kilometers and is manned by a minimum of 250 personnel at any given hour and now more personnels have been pressed into action.

From cargo services to entrance and departures, everything is now being screened three times. Earlier it was being done two times with sniffer dogs in eight hours and now will be done six times in the same time span.

Policemen in civil clothes have been deployed.  Senior officials of CISF are monitoring every movement. No vehicle is being allowed to stay at the main gate for more than five minutes. Sniffer dogs are being used to identify any mischievous objects.

The three layer security system has been extended to parking area where all vehicles are being checked. Cargo services are a vulnerable area and thus additional security has been deployed there, mainly because the screening of cargo is usually done by airline officials. The enhanced security cordon is expected to continue till further orders.