After Britain, US Calls For Mamata


Kolkata: A silver-lining seemed to have emerged amidst the present scenario of foreign investment in West Bengal, as Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee has been invited by an US business council expressing business interest in the state.

State Finance Minister Amit Mitra on Wednesday confirmed that an invitation letter from US India Business Council has reached Nabanna on Wednesday. Mitra said that the council expressed immense interest in investing in Bengal amidst the huge prospect the state can offer.

Mitra added, “The council has expressed deep interest in exploiting the ideal investment prospects in Bengal. They invited CM to discuss the matter at length.”

In the aftermath of the Nandigram and Singur crisis, business community has so far remained sceptic and cynic of investing in Bengal. Although Mamata Bannerjee had convened many a business summit and other programmes to draw foreign investment in the state, Bengal, so far remains investment starved.