After ‘Blue Whale’ & ‘Momo’ Threat, Now Eerie ‘Granny’ Scares Bengal


Jalpaiguri: After the Blue Whale and Momo scare another new game challenge ‘Granny’  throws the netizens into panic yet again. The avatar used by ‘Granny’ is a spooky appearance of an old woman, as a result this eerie image has meanwhile made the youngsters spent sleepless night in Mainaguri. Reportedly, many youths in the Hatirbari village of Khagrabari area in Maynaguri also has fallen sick after playing the Granny game challenge.

On this day the family members of the youths took the help of the local police.After fatal game challenges like Blue Whale and Momo that claimed several teen lives across the globe, now the eerie feature of the Granny has spread panic among teenagers and their parents yet again. This spooky affair has now put the Mainaguri police under pressure. Meanwhile, they have started an investigation with the help of Cyber cell department.

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A student of Hatirbari village Sukumar Ray said he was quite aware of the recent incidents of Blue Whale and Momo, hence he was conscious while using the social media sites. But last Tuesday a link popped up on his Facebook page,when he clicked on the link he saw a spooky appearance of an old woman. Soon his mobile turned itself off and was on again. After this several uncanny things started happening on his phone which disturbed and scared him and made him sick. The incident effected Sukumar so much that he broke his mobile. Similar incident happened with another village boy of Hatirbari named Shibu Lohar. He got the granny link on his Whatsapp and he is also in shock due this spooky incident. The Granny effect can be noticed in the entire village of Hatirbari. Local resident Dilip Roy said that many people have got the spooky links on their smart-phones. They are clueless about the link. Therefore , they only rely upon the local police.

Officer-in-Charge of Mainaguri Police Station Nanda kumar Dao said that some of the allegations came from Hatirbari village. They are worried about Grandma Game. To combat this kinda of fatal game challenges police has taken the help of Cyber cell. Beside this, he said that their department is going to start a campaign in the schools and colleges to combat the threat of these kind of game challenges.

Reported By: Pradyut Das

Edited By: Mousumi Das