Afghan Wife’s Nose Chopped off With Knife By Husband

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Kabul: A helpless Afghan wife had her nose hacked off with a pocket knife by her deranged husband, after they rowed about his plans to marry a girl aged seven. The mutilated 20-year-old had previously been subjected to beatings and torture by the monster, who also wanted to take his uncle’s young daughter as his second wife.

Victim Reza Gul and her mother Zarghona had a heated exchange with heartless Mohammed Khan about his desires on Sunday afternoon. After the row Mohammed, 25, took a pocket knife and hacked off Reza’s nose. Zarghona claims the attacker and his brother threw her daughter on the back of a motorcycle and planned to take her away and kill her.

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But news of his horrific crime spread fast and Mohammed had to flee for his life. In a heartbreaking photo Reza Gul lies on the bed with a bandage covering the hole where her nose once was. Reports suggested Mohammed fled to join the Taliban, but the group claim they too are looking for him and will punish him according to Islamic law if he is found.

Zarghona told the New York Times: “This infidel cut off my daughter’s nose. “If I catch him, I’ll tear him to pieces. “I went to the Taliban. I asked them: ‘Is this the Islam we are following? My daughter’s nose chopped off? But you are doing nothing about it. I want justice.’ ”

“They got really angry, and now they are searching for the boy. “I hope they find him before the police do.” The brave mother lost a lot of blood and was rushed to a hospital in northwest Afganistan after the attack on Monday.