Afghan Consulate Official’s Residence Ransacked in Peshawar


Islamabad: Armed militants opened fire on the residence of an Afghan consulate official in Peshawar`s posh University town area on Friday, local police officials said. First Secretary of the Afghan Consulate, Humayun Yousafzai, who lives in the house, however, was unhurt, the police officials said.

“His name is Humayun Yousafzai, and he is the First Secretary in the Afghan Consulate in Peshawar.He is an Afghan national. He has reported that at 2:20 am at night, some unknown people fired at his house. You can see the marks of firing. Whoever was firing, has fired at the main wall, and the main gate.

We have already given him two police guards, but when the attackers fired at the main gate where the guards live, the gate got locked. So it took the guards some time to come out.In the meanwhile, the attackers fled,” Superintendent of Police (SP) of Peshawar Cantt, Kashif Zulfiqar, told.