Advani ‘Unwanted’ in BJP’s ‘Emergency’ show


New Delhi: In yet another controversy, veteran BJP leader LK Advani was not even invited to an event where the party honoured those who went to jail during the emergency imposed on 25 June 1975. Advani was one of the most prominent leaders who went to jail during the period of emergency.

The absence of Advani, who is also a member of BJP’s Margdarshak Mandal came as a surprise to many present at the occasion where BJP President Amit Shah gloated about the party’s resistance for the Emergency and also honoured those who went to jail during the Emergency.

Speaking at the event Shah said, “Emergency is not brought in by an ordnance or compulsion of taking to the ordinance route. Emergency is because of an authoritarian mindset and unwillingness to listen to anyone.”

Earlier Advani had said that an emergency like situation cannot be ruled out. He said that the forces that can crush democracy were stronger at present and a repeat of an Emergency-like situation cannot be ruled out.

The comments of Advani had put the Narendra Modi led Government in an embarrassing situation and Advani was forced to clarify his standpoint. Speaking to the media on the issue, he said, “The Emergency remarks were directed at Congress. The party has not expressed any regret over it. I want the senior Congress leadership to apologize for 1975.”

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