Adultery law Is Unconstitutional & Men-Women Are Equal: SC


New Delhi: The Supreme Court of India has sentenced landmark verdict on adultery law on Thursday stating that the law is unconstitutional and very-old. The law hurts the dignity of women.

The 150 years old adultery law in which, under penal code’s section 497, it is an offence if a married man has sex with the wife of another married man without his “consent”. The adultery law only treats men and women differently.

The Top Court has announced IPC 497 as unconstitutional and said that it is not a criminal offence. The individual existence of women are being prioritised in the society.

The law has been declared as archaic that means it has no use with the recent time.

But only men, and not women, can be prosecuted under the adultery law. Adultery is the only provision in the penal code that treats men and women differently, for one, because it treats a married woman as the ‘property’ of their husband.

Renowned writer of West Bengal, Ranjan Banerjee welcoming the verdict of the Apex Court said that “Adultery can not be an offence.”

Another literary person Sirshendu Mukherjee praising the verdict of Supreme Court of India said that,”The Apex Court has taken the right decision.”

Many open-minded people has welcomed the decision as it is compatible with the contemporary. Women used to be the victim of domestic violence if they express their decision or desire.

So the liberal people are taking the positive sides of the verdict which may stand as the threat before the patriarch society.