Adorable Moment, DM Saves Injured Woman Life


Balurghat: Often said that administrators are very rude, they do not have any humanity. They served their duty just for money. But this is not right. Humanity never dies. Some people are very much kind-hearted social workers and they may be in the administration. That’s why, now a days we have showed faith in the administration.

This is a story of a kind-hearted District magistrate of South Dinajpur Sarad Kumar Dwivedi. He rescued a serious injured woman, admitted to the hospital and took all responsibilities of medical treatment. This things sometime nurtured our heart and guides to take moral responsibilities.

A woman met with an accident at 512 no state highway at Manipur area. Locals rushed to the spot but they failed to sent her hospital just because of distance. The nearest hospital is 14 km away from this spot. No vehicles stopped to took her to the hospital.

Suddenly, DM’s car come as God’s messenger. He came, stopped, rescued her and took her to the Balurghat Superspecility hospital. He also gave instruction to the Balurghat BDO to watch the situation.

According to Hospital Super, Dr. Tapan Biswas said that Gita Burman(70) suffered with internal internal hemorrhage. A Sumo smashed her when she crossed the road.

DM Sarad Kumar Dwivedi said that ‘ He was returning to the Balurghat from Gangarampur, suddenly saw huge crowd surrounded with someone. I stopped my car and do what we have to do.’