Administration Took Initiative To Plant Palm Trees To Make Self-Reliant


Bankura: Simlapal Block Administration of Bankura took initiative to plant palm trees to make the people of the area financially self-reliant. The project was launched on Thursday at Dubrajpur Gram Panchayat Benshwar Gandhi More. BDO Rathindranath Adhikari started this project.

Palm is one of the commercial crops in South Bankura. There are naturally many palm trees in the area. But for the daily need, all the palm trees were cut off. As a result, the number of palm trees is decreasing day by day. In this situation, the initiative of planting palm tress are taken.

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Simplal Block administration sources said that 500 palm seeds will be planted in each gram panchayat. Simultaneously, the people of the respective areas will also be responsible for the maintenance of palm trees. In the first phase, it is reported that this palm tree will be planted on both sides of the road and on the banks of canals.

On this day, BDO Rathindranath Adhikari planted seeds by digging the soil. He said that thousands of palm trees will be planted in Simallapal block area for a hundred-day project. This tree will be planted on non-irrigated land.

Regular fuel is available from palm trees. Likewise there are many benefits of palm trees. Moreover, this tree is very beneficial to protect the natural balance, he said. Rajib Ram, Simlapal ranger was also present at the ceremony. He said, this initiatives have been taken to set up palm trees with the joint initiative of Simlapal Block Administration and Voluntary Organizations.