Adivasi Girl Gangraped In Malda

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Malda: In a horrific incident, an Adivasi girl was allegedly kidnapped and gangraped in Kandar village of Gazol of Malda district. Allegedly, she was kidnapped outside from her home.

Two person of the same village have been alleged for raping her. A complaint has been filed Gazol police station. Police started an investigation. A person named Dilip Soren has been arrested in connection to the incident.

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Mother of the girl has said that she left her husband home along with her three daughters . Presently, they lives in a village of Gazol. On the day when the incident took place, her daughter was roaming ouside after havinhg the dinner. Two men of the village Dilip Soren and Arjun Hansda kidnapped her from the house.

The family started to looking for her. The head of the village informed after the incident. Then he got to know that the girl has been abducted from the her locality.

Elaborating the incident, the family said that, a young has been forced to make a call to somebody. Soon, the girl returned to the place in a car. Her genital part was blood shedded.

The Gazol police has started an investigation. Several injury marks have been recognized in the body. The girl has been sent to gazol hospital but the authority transferred to Malda Medical College and Hospital. The hospital authority said that several injury have found in her body.

Panic has gripped the village of Kandar. The members of the Adibasi community always protest against all the atrocities that they face. Questions have arisen as to why was she sexually assaulted and killed.