Adhir Takes Up ‘Metro Dairy’ Auction Issue At Calcutta High Court


Kolkata: Former Pradesh Congress President of West Bengal Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury has filed a case in Calcutta High Court underlining state government’s corruption in Metro Dairy share selling case on Wednesday. He has demanded CBI investigation in this case.

The hearing of the case like likely to take place in next week in chief judge bench of the court. He raised a question that, “State Govt has sold the Metro dairy in an illegal manner. Metro Dairy is one of the pioneering company in Indian dairy industry which was sold in a very less amount to a private company. Still They are making profit out of that. So, why State Govt could not run it ?”

Gradually the industry started to fall down in State. A movement came out with a joint effort of the worker as a fight to save the company. State has sold 47% share to Keventer on an amount of 85.5 crore. Then Keventer also sold 15% from share to a Singapore based company. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said that Keventer has sold the share on an approximate amount 170 crore.

Chowdhury raised question on the process State govt took to sell it. His clear statement that “WB faced huge loss due to this. The process was not right. It was sold on a single tender call without much publicity.” So he demanded CBI probe in this case.

Adhir Chowdhury is ready to attack Mamata apart from political ground. Now he has taken legal ways to poke ruling party State govt. This time it is ‘Metro Dairy’.