Adhir Reaches Delhi To Complain Against Vivek Dube


Kolkata:  Berhampore Congress candidate, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury went to Delhi on Thursday to file complain against Vivek Dube. On Friday, He will file complain to the Election Commission with proof and documents.

In forth phase of polling, the Congress candidate Adhir Chowdhury had burst into anger against the special observer Vivek Dube. His accusation, they demanded the intervention of the Election Commission to take action against poll violence. But their demand was not accepted. Adhir Chowdhury claimed that special police observer Vivek Dube did not respond to his SMS on poll violence. Rather, special observer Ajay Naik answered, he said. He also added that Vivek Dube was present in Murshidabad on the day of voting and was busy in talking with District Magistrate and Police Super.

Before going to Delhi on Thursday, a press conference was held by Adhir Chowdhury. There, he said that democracy is in danger. The role of a section of the officials of the Election Commission clearly shows that the Trinamool is inclined with them. The role of special police observer of the state, Vivek Dube, is very suspicious. I am going to file complain against him in the Central Election Commission.