Adhir Questions Barrage Administration’s Role In Renovation


Farakka: Criticising the TMC-led government, Pradesh Congress president Adhir
Ranjan Chowdhury mocked and said that the administration can have the efficiency to
look after a barrage, but can they also construct a road.

According to Adhir, both the Ministry of surface transport and Ministry of Water
Resources are under one minister. But there are differences of opinion between both
the ministries. Minister Nitin Gadkari himself said that the renovation is the
responsibility of the national highway administration. But the barrage’s general
manager said that after talking with the state, they will renovate the bridge.

Adhir pointed out that if heavy traffic movement is banned in the Farakka bridge,
then these vehicles will deviate and come to the state via Bihar. On this, Adhir
said that this cannot go on for long as business will incur loses. These vehicles
will have to deviate a lot. The state and the centre will have to come forward to
solve these problems. Adhir urged for a discussion between the state, centre and
the barrage administration and come to a solution. However, the farakka
administration said that the matter is under the centre, hence all decisions of
renovation will be taken by them.

To carry out the renovation works smoothly, there will be restrictions in the
traffic movement on this important bridge. According to the transport minister,
heavy traffic movement remains banned on this bridge from November for renovation.
Since this barrage is under the central government, hence its permission will be
sought. The estimated expense is 10 crore 76 lakhs of rupees, as per general
manager of Farakka bridge Shaibal Ghosh. The state government will begin renovation
works of the Farakka bridge from October this year.

This bridge of national importance lies over river Ganga in between Malda and
Murshidabad. It maintains the communication between North India. Everyday, hundreds
of passengers and goods trains use this bridge. Lakhs of small and big vehicles
also use this bridge.

According to sources, the renovation work will be completed within six months.