Adhir Meets Rajnath , Demands Intervention On Baduria Violence


Kolkata: The State Congress President Adhir Chowdhury met with the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh demanding full investigation into the issue of fierce Baduria violence.

He also demanded Centre to intervene on the basis of his allegations that West Bengal police have failed to deal with the law and order of the state.

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But the point is why suddenly  now Adhir Chowdhury  went to the Union Home Minister and demanded his intervention to deal with the present situation of West Bengal .

Now it is to see whether the meeting  is about the interests of the state, or it is any game of politics from Chowdhury’s side ?

On Wednesday Adhir Chowdhury met Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh in Delhi. It was a formal meeting all the discussions were about the law and oder situation of the West Bengal and also about the Bashirhat , Baduria violence .

He has expressed his views by saying that the TMC government have failed to control the situation of riot in Baduria. Chowdhury has also demanded for  Union intervention by highlighting the failure of the West Bengal Police.

But why sudden a stance  taken by the State Congress President regarding the Baduria issue? Does  his meeting with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh have any other  political motive ? It was  expected from BJP but not from the State Congress President.

While the  Union Home Minister Rhnath Singh  is worried about the riot situation of West Bengal on the other side Adhir Chowdhury’s excitement on demanding  for intervention in the current situation have created curiosity in the political arena.

As we know earlier,following violent clashes in Baduria and Basirhat areas of West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas over a Facebook post, the Ministry of Home Affairs has sought a detailed report from the Mamata Banerjee-led government.