Actress Ushashie Chakrabarty Harassed In Her Apartment


Kolkata: Several youths staying in the same apartment as that of actress Ushashie Chakrabarty has been accused of harassing the actress in her apartment.

As per sources, a meeting was organized at the apartment, in which Ushashie lives, by the Puja Committee on Sunday. Some youths played music at that meeting allegedly at high volume. The level of volume was reduced momentarily after Ushashie protested, but it resumed with high volume. She once again requested to reduce the level of music, but in vain. The members of the committee clearly mentioned her that the volume level of the music would not be lowered.

The members of the committee, has been accused of threatening Ushashie. She said that the members also said that they took permission from the concerned authorities to play music at a high level. Ushashie filed a complaint at the Garfa Police station. She raised questions like who gave them the permission to play music at such a high volume, in the First Information Report or the FIR. She also questioned whether the police had given permission for this. The officers of the Garfa Police Station have already started an investigation.