Actress Sudipta Happy With ‘Buchki’

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Kolkata: Popular Bengali actress Sudipta Chakraborty Saha happily announces the birth of her daughter ‘Buchki’ on Thursday. Mother Sudipta brimmed with happiness during her first pregnancy and expressed it through social media.

The actress has enacted the role of a mother in her last two films, ‘Open T Bioscope’ and ‘Rajkahani’. She played the mother of son ‘Fowara’ in ‘Open T Bioscope’’ and daughter ‘Buchki’ in ‘Rajkahani’. Sudipta was so excited that she posted in Facebook whether she will give birth to a son or a daughter (Fowara or buchki)? Finally the excitement ended up with Buchki.

The entire family of actress Sudipta was Present to welcome the new tiny member of the family. Sudipta’s elder sister Bidipta Chakraborty’s husband and director Birsha Dasgupta was the first one to break the news of the girl birth through Facebook.

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According to his post, this has increased the girl power in his family. Three of the sisters Bidipta, Bidisha & Sudipta all are mothers of girls. Three cheers to women power.

Sudipta married Abhisekh Saha, a friend of Bidipta in May 2014. The entire family is celebrating the entry of a new member. Tollywood is also cheering the news.