Actress Ena Saha Takes Up The Profession Of ‘Teaching’


Kolkata: These days, Tollywood actress Ena Saha is busy teaching. She seems to have taken full responsibility of this teaching profession. Does this mean she has left Tollywood? Then did Ena leave the Tolly Para? Has she left her acting profession altogether?

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You might presume that Ena Saha has left acting, but that is partially untrue. She has taken up this teaching job for the next film she is doing. Her next flick has a non-Bengali actor opposite her. So before shooting starts, Ena has taken up the job of teaching the actor a bit of the Bengali language. The film will be produced by Sanjay Bardhan.

অভিনয় ছেড়ে শিক্ষিকার ভূমিকায় এনা?

The film is about the life of a boxer which reflects his loneliness, love, pain and career. The actor Roby would be playing the role of the Boxer named Shikhar, opposite Ena Saha. Other than Rony and Ena, Soumitra Chatterjee, Labani Sarkar, Rajatava Dutta and others would also be a part of this film.

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