Actors Sing For Their Own Songs For ‘Meghnathbadh Rahasya’


Kolkata: Actors and actress has become the play back singers in the upcoming flick of director Anik Dutta’s ‘Meghnathbadh Rahashya’.

Some people’s voice is very melodious and they can well play with the music while some cannot sing at all. But there is no need to get worry about the melody of the music. The home atmosphere is enough for making any music melodious.

The trend of play backing a song in the movie by actors is not new, in Bollywood this is the common process and this process is following from the very beginning. But director Anik is not seeing this from that point of view. According to him, “the song is singing in a domestic atmosphere among the family person. In that case there is no need for professional singers to sing the song. In this type of domestic atmosphere some sings better while some do not know how to sing, such case can happen naturally. All these matters are mixed at a time. I want the matter to remain natural so I used the actors to playback in the movie”.

In the movie ‘Meghnathbadh Rahashya’ Sabyasachi Chakravarty is acting in a lead role. For sequence of a birthday scene of Sabyasachi Chakravarty in the movie, director Anik made all the actors to sing the Rabindra Sangeet in their own voice. Apart from them Gargi Roy Chowdhury, Sayani Ghosh, vikram Chatterjee, Kalyan Ray can be seen as singing the song. Abir Chattopadhyay is also there in the scene.

Anik said that, “the singing of Abir will not go in the scene he is working as the photographer in that scene. Gargi can sing very well like the professional singers. Apart from her Sayani, Kalyan da and Benu da is also very good. The music director of the movie is Debojyoti Mishra. Anik said that, “in a secquence of the music Debu wants to rectify some part but I said no because rectifying will damage the natural look of the secne”.

In ‘Meghnathbadh Rahashya’ thriller the drama will spread the mystery all over. Along with the music also the mystery will reveal. But the director didn’t want to clear in details about the mystery in the movie. He said that, “the mystery cannot be reveal now. Debojyoti like that only did the music”.

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