Actors face Near Death Experiences on The Job


You would think actors are those delicate beings, who come to their shoot in a fancy car, have a stunt double take care of all the tough, dangerous shots, while they sit back and sip on their Martinis. Well, you’re wrong! The acting business does come with its own set of hazards: sometimes with the equipment used, most times due to the actors taking on their own stunts, and rarely due to a carelessly executed shoot. Here’s a list of Bollywood actors who’ve seen the other side of the coin.


While on the sets of “Dangal” scheduled to release late 2016, Aamir Khan is said to train and resemble the wrestler Mahavir Phogat, who’s life the movie is based on. On one of the wrestling sequences, Aamir suffered an excruciating muscle spasm in one of his shoulders. Even after half an hour of rest and ice packs, the actor continued to wail and wasn’t able to move. He was immediately rushed to the hospital.


On the sets of “Mother India” back in the ‘50s, a fire sequence went haywire when the wind suddenly changed direction. Nargis, the heroine, was trapped in a raging blaze. With no time or thought to spare, Sunil Dutt playing Nargis’ son in the movie, plunged in with only a blanked and saved her from a gruesome ending. He faced painful burns, though ended up enticing the soon-to-be Mrs. Dutt, Nargis herself.




On the sets of “Khakee”, Aishwarya Rai faced her near-death experience when a jeep that was supposed to swerve close to the actor accidentally overshot the mark and bumped right into her. Though life threatening, the actress managed to save herself with a few minor injuries and was thankfully out of danger.




Sanjay Khan, a producer, director and an actor suffered and survived 65 percent third degree burns when a fire broke out on the sets of “The Sword of Tipu Sultan” on February 8th, 1989. He went into coma for two months and was later diagnosed with septicemia (blood poisoning). He had to undergo 72 surgeries and his survival was a pure miracle, considering his heart stopped functioning thrice during treatment.

Akshay Kumar, being the ‘king of stunts’ always demands that he performs all stunts himself. Though, this time round things did take a bad turn. While on the sets of “Singh is Bliing”, the actor was to jump through a ring of fire. Everything went according to plan, until the final shot where the actor mistimed his jump and ended up catching a bit of fire.



The Big B, Mr. Amitabh Bachan was on the sets of “Coolie” in Bangalore, when a fight sequence went horribly wrong. The fight scene intended to be a hit towards Mr. Bachan, while he would fall onto a table behind him. The shot was fine, until shrieks from Mr. Bachan were heard. The sharp edge of the steel table ruptured his spleen, while blood oozed out of his stomach. He was flown to a hospital in Mumbai, where all attempts to recover the actor were in vain. He fell into a coma and only showed signs of hope after a week of prayers


While movies tend to show the actor always saving the actress, reality did disprove this theory when Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol were shooting at the top of a waterfall on the sets of the movie “Dilwale”. Things started to take a bad turn when Shah Rukh lost balance and almost slipped. Thankfully, Kajol saved the actor in the nick of time. While she has the right to, Kajol did jokingly state that he owes his life to her.