Actor Rudranil’s Father’s Body Found On Railway Tracks


Paaskura: A tragic twist surrounds this year’s ongoing Durga Puja, with the discovery of Tollywood actor Rudranil Ghosh’s father’s body on railway tracks on Saptami morning, that is, on Saturday.

Renowned actor Rudranil Ghosh, a resident of Howrah, used to stay at Kolkata due to his professional work. But his father, Rabin Ghosh, used to stay at Howrah itself. He was reportedly missing from Panchami late night until his body was tracked at Pashkura tracks. The GRP discovered the body along with a bag consisting of documents which purported the cops to guess it as the body of Rabin Ghosh.

The police then informed the actor and called him for identification. Rudranil Ghosh rushed to the morgue and identified his father’s body late night. Rabin Ghosh’s crematorial rituals were performed on the wee hours of Sunday.

It is still in question as to why was Rabin Ghosh on his way to Medinipore from Howrah. The police are suspecting a mystery behind this death. Rabin Ghosh used to stay alone in his house at Howrah. His wife passed away 5 years back due to heart attack.

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