Activities to engage your kids this summer vacation


Kolkata: Need to keep the kids busy this summer? Don’t let them sit on the couch and waste valuable brain cells! Check out these summer activities.

1. Go camping

Get your bag pack ready, with your sleeping bag and tent. Head to a mountain or a lakeside on a camping trip. This will prove to be a great fun experience for the entire family. Just to raise the adventure quotient on the trip, go raw, collect wood for fire, live in a camp and bask in the beauty of nature. While this sounds like an interesting idea, the biggest hurdle is food. So prefer ready meals like (Dal makhani, Matar Paneer etc); all you have to do is heat and eat. The best part is even your little angels can do it and feel like they saved the day!

2. Art-Effect

Enroll your kids to workshops that boost your child’s creativity through various activities like glass painting, origami, paper quelling, flower making, pottery and more. There are workshops that range from one-day to a month long. If you think your child is artistic get them joined in these cool activities.

3. Dramebaaz

Do you want to see your child confident enough to speak in front of a crowd? Here’s a chance. Get your kids into speech and drama workshops which are designed in building your child’s confidence and imagination leading to development in their personality.Kidville_-_Summer_Camp_3

4. Desi Tadka

These days no schools provide a chance to your child to learn their mother tongue.

This summer, get your children learn to read and write their mother tongue. Vacations are the best opportunity to make them connect and understand their culture.

5. Pursue an hobby

Less structured days and more free time provides an ideal opportunity to let children follow their interest whole-heartedly in a way school time may not allow. They can follow their hobbies such as collecting stamps, coins or playing any musical instrument or dancing and more. Another fad amongst youngsters is, following shows like Masterchef Junior where children are moving on from small kitchen toys to the real stuff and why not cooking is a life skill? Gits offers a whole range of Instant Mixes that the kids can make easily. Every hobby starts with taking baby steps and Gits Instant Mixes provides the perfect platform. Gits instant mixes like Rava Idli, Dahi Vada, Medu Vadai etc. The most interesting part of this exercise is that the kids can add a little of their own tadka to the food to experiment and improvise.

6. Digital India

It is very important that your child is technically sound. So enroll them in computer courses that offer your child to learn various software like 2D & 3D animation, image editing, film making and many more.

Story: Siddhartha Sarkar