Activist Killed for Anti-IS Posts


Damascus: Islamic State (IS) jihadis hijacked the Facebook account of a captured female activist in Raqqa in a bid to lure other opponents into a trap, according to a member of Syria’s most prominent anti-IS resistance group.

It has emerged that Ruqia Hassan Mohammed, a vocal IS opponent with a dry sense of humour, was killed by the jihadis three months ago in punishment for her outspoken social media posts. But they continued to operate her social media accounts until very recently.

She is thought to have been detained in Raqqa, IS’s de facto capital, in July and killed sometime in September. A citizen journalist from the group Raqqa is Being Silently Slaughtered, which works to document and publicise life under IS, said that, since then, IS has accessed her social media profile and used it in an attempt to flush out other critics.

“Her Facebook account remained open in order to entrap friends who communicated with her,” said the activist, who uses the pseudonym Tim Ramadan to hide his real identity. He said that, about a week ago, IS was still using her account to send messages to other users claiming that she was alive. The claim was echoed by the Arabic language site al-Aan.